Continuing in the theme of German psychedelic music is this ace mix from Marc Richter, of Black To Comm and head of the Dekorder label. The work of a proper record aficionado, if you can handle the difficult first few tracks (which still make me chuckle) it opens out into an expanse of swirling energy.

Andreas Dorau & Holger Hiller – Guten Morgen Hose
Christian Naujoks – Horizon Scene/Maladies
Fanal – Zwischen den Landstrassen
Mense Reents – This is the Way
Egoexpress – Aranda
Cpt. Kirk & – Racist Friend
The Cocoon – While The Recording Engineer Sleeps
Wooden Veil – Moon and Hamburg
Cassiber – Not Me
Wave UFO – Black To Comm
Alec Empire – Walk the Apocalypse
Wave UFO II – Black To Comm
Holger Czukay – Witches’ Multiplication Table
Justus Koehnke – Old Man
Max Müller – Frauenkrieg
Workshop – Amnesty

Mix courtesy of Type Records, check out their other ‘typecasts’ and Black To Comm Alphabet 1968, also on Type. The Wave UFO EP is also now available on Dekorder.