A pal sent me a link to this intriguing little playlist generating application for the iPhone; and it’s pretty good.

It a simple idea; you select a ‘mood’ (aggressive/frenetic/energetic/neutral/laid back/introspective/sad) and a style gradient between digital/organic and faster/slower and it generates a radio playlist to stream through your phone.

The music selection is restricted to Ghostly International’s repertoire, but there are few labels who would be able to work this so successfully. Ghostly’s roster ranges from the ambient territory of Loscil and Christopher Willits through to the mechanical hip-hop of Dabrye and the acid techno of Matthew Dear/Audion. Even when you throw it a curveball , say, an introspective/digital/fast list it brought me a funk-driven but dreamy Lusine track, Inside/Out. When I was more in the mood for some of the aggressive/organic/slow stuff I got the decaying, disembodied vocals of Twine’s Violets.

It’s organised very neatly graphically too, something you would expect from a label like Ghostly who promote a range of visual artists as well as musical.

It’s a good bit of marketing and an interesting variation on a label promo mixtape. And it’s free!