There is a theme here. The recent blog roll has gone from Richard Skelton – Yellow Swans – BJ Nilsen – Pantha Du Prince – Autechre – The Advisory Circle. A sudden defrosting of the music! More immediate joys, spring must be coming. Time for some hip-hop.

Jay Electronica has been getting lots of deserved hype for a while now, and this recent mixtape by DJ Dub and DJ Furious Styles is a good overview of his work. Big, healthy, classic hip-hop. Collaborations with the likes of Nas, J Dilla and Mos Def should give you an idea of his pedigree.

Jay Electronica – Victory (via datpiff)

Tracklisting :

01   Intro
02   Exhibit B (feat Mos Def)
03   Suckas
04   Walking (J. Period Remix feat Nneka)
05   Dealing
06   So What Cha Sayin
07   Scenario 2004
08   Something To Hold Onto
09   Poetry Interlude
10   Departure
11   Cool Relax (feat Naledge)
12   Trolley Stop
13   Hagler (feat Che Grand)
14   My World
15   Hard to Get  (feat Mr Porter)
16   Extra Extra
17   Victory in my clutches
18   Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
19   Just Begun (feat J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def)
20   Uzi weighs a ton
21   Love czars (feat Taraach)
22   Posers (feat The New Royales)
23   Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart
24   Exhibit C
25   Googly Eyes LIVE
26   Holiday (feat Mos Def)
27   T.H.E. W.E.A.K. – Stick Up