I can’t get enough of The Gaslamp Killer’s production, both All Killer and My Troubled Mind were favourites from last year, but it is difficult to concentrate on them when there appears to be a gentleman in some distress caught on the recordings.

I have absolutely no idea what he is saying throughout the psyche-funk laden opening track Kobwebz. Normally, this would be the cue to shuffle off down the road with a cursory apologetic glance in the direction of the aforementioned gent.

But in fact, this chap isn’t distressed at all! It’s new Warp signing Sumach Valentine; yoga teacher, practicing Sufi and student of spirituality who resides in the Mojave Desert. And his message is worth heeding.

When the lyrics occasionally surface from the stew they have focus and clarity; he touches on the misconceptions of Islam in the west, the failures of society, ignorance and racism. Elsewhere, he rambles on about his shadow trying to eat him.

Joining The Gaslamp Killer in production duties are Flying Lotus and Mainframe. They create a swirling mass of hip hop noir and psychedelia. Flying Lotus contributes the outstanding Ancestors, which hints at the influence of his famous great aunt, with a sitar-driven head nodder. Mainframe offers the bleep-funk of Holidays and Candylane. The real excitement though is the dirty, hallucinogenic, eastern-tinged beats of Gaslamp Killer matched with filtered crackle of Gonjasufi’s voice, as he wails and cries and whispers his often cryptic message. At 20 tracks long it could be easy to get a bit lost in the depths of the production, but the trip just keeps on giving.

The filthy, deteriorated timbre is pretty consistent throughout (bar the slightly out of place Mainframe tracks) but the sonic pilgrimage drags you through a variety of psychedelic cultural debris; the Hindi chant of Kowboyz&Indians, the Turkish funk of Klowds, the muddied American blues of Ageing, the lounge drawl of Duet through to the hip hop psyche-out of the excellent DedNd.

A Sufi and a Killer is a hugely idiosyncratic record, Gonjasufi is the perfect recording voice to accompany The Gaslamp Killer’s production. The result is an eccentric, passionate album full of grimy crevices to explore.

DedNd Video :