The baby believes the womb is the Universe. At birth there is a glimmer of light and a shifting of space. I was there, but now i am Here. Then there are still but 2 things : Me and the Universe. And then what happens is Other People. From a note sounded in 1960 and held for a long time, a continuum of Sound has been sluiced along a diagonal of personal ecstasy, and some have come to call it a Drone. Surrounding the Drone is a genre, and within, wheat and chaff often comingle all too comfortably. But with tones as thick and texturally luxuriant with spiritual resonance as their long, glorious hair, Messages are the two worthy gurus currently contributing to the echo. Messages evoke the womb. And when the womb smiles, it whispers Messages, and then there is the first glimmer of Light…

A press release like that doesn’t leave me with much more to say.

Taketo Shimada, Tres warren and Spencer Herbst create an album of ethnic drone constructed from shruti box, tambura and ukelin (each of the three tracks focus on a particular instrument- hint in the track names). Shruti Box is 16 minutes of subtly pulsating shruti drone and tribal drum tapping, an engaging primal relationship. Tambura leaves behind the earthly realm, its cascading eastern melody lifting you above the clouds, allowing you to take a peek into the ominous mass of Icelandic volcanic ash that circles overhead. Ukelin shifts the drone pitch higher, the volcanic dust clearing to reveal an ethereal presence holidaying in Eyjafjallajokull. Much to the annoyance of more grounded individuals with flights to catch.

A great recommendation from Volcanic Tongue.