Like Acid? Like Noise? You’ll probably quite like this then. Actually, these two new tracks from No Fun record label owner Carlos Giffoni that are more focussed on the Acid side of things than expected. This is from the man who bought us the Techno 12″ with Keith Fullarton Whitman that was anything but.

The tracks were recorded on his recent No Fun Acid tour and have a feel of live improvisation about them. The first of the two tracks is pretty restrained; a looped 303 squelch appears out of an granular electric purr and gradually morphs into array of familiar Acid motifs. I can imagine it would be pretty good fun making this, Acid has a pretty pleasing palette of noises, which would explain why Giffoni continues in a similar vein for almost 25minutes taking in a full repertoire of Acid squelches, snares and highly pitched squeals.

[Vimeo 7762763]

The second track ups the tempo into a barrage of pulses, with a suffocatingly repetitive snare. It’s pure machine music, unconcerned with human notions of dance or movement. There are hints of AFX about it. Just when you thinking you probably can’t take too much more it bleeds out into a series of soothing bleeps and beeps and more blemished squelches.