This is reportedly Torsten Profrock’s last outing as T++, and with it he provides a treatise to the history of dance music, tracing a line from ancient to modern. By switching labels for this release he has been afforded the luxury of Honest Jon’s licence to an extensive library of East African music, a compilation of which is forthcoming. Profock takes a series of samples of vocals, drums and ndingidi (an African single-stringed fiddle) and transforms them into a dense mesh that encompasses tribal music as well as 2-step, dubstep and techno.

It should really be free of the constraints of genre though, this is primal music; intense beat driven music that demands movement and expression. The restless, agitated techno is at once introverted and simultaneously expressive. It makes you want to dance around in a tree-bark induced hallucination (apologies to anthropologists everywhere..), not just some rave spazz out, a meditative trip tracing your own ancestry along its timeless rhythm.

Most importantly this is music to listen to, not discuss, each of the four tracks is fantastic. Please go and get yourself a copy.