‘Owd Demdike’, one Elizabeth Southern, was a suspected witch executed in 1612 as part of the Pendle witch trials. So it goes; she was returning from a hard day’s begging in the local village through an old stone-pit, where she met the Devil in the shape of a young boy named Tibb. Later the Devil, now chosing the form of a dog, drank her blood. With the help of her new devil-dog-child acquaintance she killed a locals man’s son over an unpaid debt.

Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker hail from the Lancashire area of the historic witch hunts and carry the themes in to their work as Demdike Stare (Miles is obviously keen on his local wicca history, he also makes one half of dub-techno duo Pendle Coven). The sinister theme spills out through the packaging with some lovely Ouija board graphic work. This two-track 12″ is the first of a proposed trilogy.

There is a strong narrative to both of the songs. Side A contains the track Dusk; a dark, mysterious dub techno track that builds in momentum for 12 minutes until the séance reaches a dizzy spritual high, before slumping into a spooky hauntological haze. Various ghostly noises appear and disappear into the mist, before closing with a shrill agonised squeal.

If Dusk was a bit spooky Dawn is a proper frightener. It all starts fairly muted with some distant haunted jazz tinkering. Some foreboding tribal drums suggest all is not well and just when you thought the old hag was a goner she returns, and she has only gone and got herself a big ol’ dubstep synth to liven up the coven. The whole thing is worked into a dense weave of techno ritual, with both the dubstep noises and magical library-music aesthetic giving it an intrinsically British feel. Any chance of escape seems futile as the drunken synth licks around your woven tomb, the deranged faces of your captors staring on, dancing and singing merrily into the evening. The last few minutes of the track dissolve into a blissful agony.