So I’m a bit confused by this one, is this some elaborate hoax by Richard D. James? Or is it really an early prototype of acid house made in 1982 by an Indian wedding band member, pre-dating the ‘first’ acid house track, Phuture’s Acid Track, by 5 years!!?

I’m convinced enough by the evidence to say it is the latter. Either way, it is very good indeed. The album comprises of ten traditional Indian raga tracks reinterpreted with the familiar help of a Roland Jupiter-8 keyboard, a Roland TR-808 drum machine, a Roland TB-303 and the influence of Western disco records. It sticks to that tried and tested acid regime of squelchy pulses and bouncing, arpeggiated bass; except of course it wasn’t tried and tested at all at this point. In an attempt to blend Eastern drone with imported synthesizer music Charanjit Singh invented acid house five years before its supposed invention. The simplicity of the music gives it a timeless quality; it could quite easily be a Rephlex release. In fact, I’m not convinced at all, it’s just too uncanny to be true.