Witch House eh? Seems to have caused some bemusement to those who prefer a more genial sub-genre. The phrase appears to have been coined by Salem to describe their garbled, hyper pop. As a self-description of Salem’s sound, it gains a witchy credence, and ‘oOoOO’, that’s the sound a ghost makes right? More spooky credentials. Whilst ‘house’ is a bit of a crap reference, it does share its euphoric ambitions, and if it means the hypnogogic moniker getting a well-earned rest, then I’m okay with that.

Balam Acab, though, are anything but a deathly affair, ‘See Birds’ is plenty full of vigour. It sits itself at the enchanted end of the wicca-association; combining heavy, elegiacal purring on See Birds (Moon) to the fizzing euphoria of Big Boy. It shares a lot of characteristics with the excellent Forest Swords release from earlier in the year; skewing a familiar palette of noises, reinforcing tradition but taking it somewhere completely different.

oOoOO create a kinda lazy sounding synth-pop (in a good way..?), all slowed-down and blurry but eerily uplifting. Mumbai starts the show with an eastern drone, all jagged edges and a skipping cadaverous beats. Hearts is a cool wee track, punchy synth lines and a pleasingly weary vocal line. It does suffer from its nonchalant approach, only patches of Saidsumting and Plains Is Hot really offer much beyond an overall album aesthetic.