Perhaps only surpassed by discovering Forest Swords this year, is the enthusiasm I have for my waay overdue discovery of Raime and the Blackest Ever Black label (they are still only one release old mind). Championed by the ever-reliable mnml ssgs folks (and plenty elsewhere) the recent Raime EP gave me that immediate, joyous must-get-everything-I-can-get-my-mits-on feeling.

The EP sits at the junction of a whole ream of musical styles; sharing similarities with the likes of Eleh or Pan Sonic as much as more obvious comparisons of post-post-techno-post-dubstep (yikes) types Sandwell District, T++ or Shackleton. It has some of that sound-space thing you get with a BJNilsen release, feels like you can get *in* it, take a wee wander around. 3 tracks in length, each scoop of gloomy goodness is hewn from dense lumps of industrial noise and trimmed into intricately crafted little techno-figurines. Wonderfully restrained beats and pulses lay frameworks for all sorts of dark, spectral murmurings.

A second Raime release is expected on BEB this month, set to feature a Regis remix.

To help you join the dots of their myriad of music influences they did this outstandingly good mixtape:

1. AC Marias – Some Thing [Mute, 1988]
2. Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand [Third Mind, 1984]
3. The Danse Society – There Is No Shame In Death [Pax, 1981]
4. Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand [Third Mind, 1984]
5. Cabaret Voltaire – The Voice of America / Damage Is Done [Rough Trade, 1980]
6. Psyche – On The Edge [New Rose, 1985]
7. The German Shepherds – I Adore You [M&S Music, 1985]
8. Arto Lindsay – Locus Coruleus [Editions EG, 1984]
9. Ike Yard – NCR [Factory America, 1982]
10. Metabolist – Tizhoznam [Drömm, 1980]
11. Rema-Rema – Fond Affections [4AD, 1980]