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01 T++ – Wireless [Honest Jons]

02 Keith Fullerton Whitman – Variations For Oud and Synth [No Label]

03 Raime – Raime EP [Blackest Ever Black]

04 Kanding Ray – Pruitt Igoe [Raster Noton]

05 Balam Acab – See Birds [Tri Angle]

06 Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal Antony/Fennesz remixes [Editions Mego]

07 Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars – Mukuba Special [Congotronics]

08 Mike Vainio – Its a Muthang / Midnight Mutant [Comfort Zone]

09 Hype Williams – Do Roids & Kill Erything [No Label]

10 Games – That We Can Play [Hippos In Tanks]


Witch House eh? Seems to have caused some bemusement to those who prefer a more genial sub-genre. The phrase appears to have been coined by Salem to describe their garbled, hyper pop. As a self-description of Salem’s sound, it gains a witchy credence, and ‘oOoOO’, that’s the sound a ghost makes right? More spooky credentials. Whilst ‘house’ is a bit of a crap reference, it does share its euphoric ambitions, and if it means the hypnogogic moniker getting a well-earned rest, then I’m okay with that.

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