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Writing lists about music is a strange phenomenon. Comparing the complexities of BJ Nilsen to the swaggering exuberance of Big Boi is, frankly, a ludicrous endeavour. However, I do enjoy reading them. I’ve also found I enjoy writing them, or at least I’ve enjoyed listening back to all the great albums of the year. The cataloguing/journal-side of things is oddly satisfying too. In writing this, I realise I’ve probably listened to way too much music this year and could do with taking a bit more time with a choice few. It is all getting a bit obsessive. Anyway, the order can really be taken with a pinch of salt, they are all fantastic. Commence the hyperbole!

LPs :

01 Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh [Universal]
A lot of the music that appears on these pages is intrinsically experimental, often a little rough round the edges, on a journey to some place or another, not necessarily ‘a finished thing’. But this isn’t. On this record Badu sounds like she’s found her place in the grand scheme of things. This is as close to a perfect record as you could ever really need.

02 Keith Fullerton Whitman – Disingenuity / Disingenuousness [Pan]
Like hearing someone spontaneously exhale a lifetimes worth of memory, inspiration and emotion condensed into thirty thrilling minutes. Mister Whitman is a bleedin’ genius, everything he’s released this year has been unbelievably good.

03 B.J. Nilsen – The Invisible City [Touch]
Epic, intimate, totally beguiling. An astonishing achievement, creating sound that you feel you could wander around to examine its intricacies, a virtual metropolis of noise.

04 Forest Swords – Dagger Paths [Olde English Spelling Bee/No Pain In Pop]
Certainly newcomer of the year, made my memory nodes fizz whilst still exhibiting a truly original sound. Won’t forget the morning when I first heard ‘Miarches’ for a while. Very exciting music.

05 Sun Araw – On Patrol [Not Not Fun]
Intolerably intoxicating in the wrong moments, but when the mind is ready to tune in, it is a totally absorbing, complex delight. For a year that has been a bit overwhelmed by the slow-jam aesthetic, this record stands out a mile in terms of originality and pure groove.

06 Pan Sonic – Gravitoni [Blast First Petite]
Exhilarating intensity. Maybe not one to listen to often, but one you pay attention to when you are. With Pan Finale, probably the perfect ending for Mika Vainio & Ilpo Väisänen’s final release.

07 Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty [Def Jam]
Takes me back to the days when hip hop and skateboarding and hanging out on the top of carparks was pretty much everything. Totally ace.

08 Evan Caminiti – West Winds [Three Lobed Recordings]
This year’s Barn Owl (of whom Caminiti is half) LP was a wee bit disappointing (I had very high expectations). Caminiti’s solo work though is a brilliantly focussed affair; full of space, movement and texture. Anyone that says drone music isn’t emotionally stirring is incorrect.

09 Eleh – Location Momentum [Touch]
A suffocatingly dense monolith of obsessively pure noise. Totally beautiful, it’s very hard to explain why. If you are the sort of person who stops when passing a building site, or when some unexplained mechanical malfunction is occurring somewhere in the distance, to focus on a strange, articulated buzzing noise, you’ll probably understand. Play it loud and let it soak through you.

10 Yellow Swans – Going Places [Type]
One of drone’s finest finally call it a day. And, with it, they drag you painfully through a scorched landscape of such density and texture it leaves you a lacerated mess, a gloopy glob kneeling at the foot of music of great magnitude. It deserves better alliteration than this.

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made a vaguely summery mixtape, some of you may like some of it.

01   A Cold Freezin’ Night – The Books
02   y7 – Autechre
03   Am I Gonna Make It – Nite Funk
04   Round and Round – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
05   Ears – Julian Lynch
06   Ouroboros – Oneohtrix Point Never
07   Feel It All Around – Washed Out
08   Candy Shoppe – Emeralds
09   Elegant Elephant – Broadcast
10   Mad Weed – RUN DMT
11   Wrong Man – Pigeons
12   Rattling Cage – Forest Swords
13   No No No – LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
14   Deep Cover – Sun Araw

Follow up from Forest Swords after the excellent Dagger Paths. Ace.

But where’s all the stock footage of 70’s Birkenhead? Available from No Pain In Pop, release 26.07.10.

This excellent 6 track EP appeared out of nowhere, well somewhere actually, and got me very excited indeed. I’ve been enjoying a lot of Olde English Spelling Bee’s haunting drone, but this is something a bit different for the label. As well as hailing from the UK rather than the US like the rest of his OESB cohorts, Forest Swords brings a much weightier and varied sound to the hauntological realm. Read the rest of this entry »

[Vimeo 5471125]

I’ve spent most of my Good Friday so far getting pretty excited about the new Forest Swords’ EP Dagger Paths; more enthusiastic ramblings to follow. In the meantime he has done a great wee lo-fi mixtape for Gorilla vs Bear, featuring the likes of Jeru The Damaja, Atlas Sound, King Tubby, Ducktails and various tracks off the new album:

Forest Swords’ GvsB Mixtape

The Wirral based producer also includes on the mix a reworking of a track by another British purveyor of murky post-dubstep, Burial. The Moth collaboration with Fourtet was excellent in the first place, Forest Swords has beefed up the original with a rolling psychedelic drum workout:

Burial & Fourtet Moth (Forest Swords rework)

And to finally stir you from your Easter holiday hypnopompic state, Caribou has made the remix of Odessa by Nite Jewel available for download. Again, the original wasn’t half bad but this submerges it in Nite Jewel’s ethereal tape haze, with Ramona Gonzalez’s accompanying vocals lifting Dan Snaith’s original falsetto:

Caribou Odessa (Nite Jewel Remix)

Original video:

[Vimeo 9568937]